The Covent High Tech subgroup was designed to locate, process, and accumulate resources for high technologies we consider the most insightful and promising (high tech)


The main goal of Covent High Tech is the identification and selection of new promising projects and technologies which may become the basis for an entire network within the applied and technical areas.

Our Preferences in Technology Selection

The main criterion for selecting an area of High Tech is the prospects and branching potential of a certain basic technology.

We try to identify the unique aspects of contemporary society that require new technologies and the qualities unique to the human mind that are particularly apparent in each of these technologies.

For us, any technology provides an opportunity to enable people with technology-oriented minds to develop the specific characteristics of their mind and spirit.

At the same time, we make an effort to maintain the distinction of a person’s professional orientation and their natural intellectual characteristics. In our opinion, this allows us to preserve the blend of our employees’ professionalism and level of personal and spiritual development.

Another important aspect is that we try to identify a correlation between certain modern technologies and the impending trends of a person’s social and spiritual development. We also connect the development of high technologies to the most promising development areas of society and the human mind.



Trends and Strategies

Identification of the causal relationships between technologies and the distinct aspects of a person’s spiritual development

Identification and analysis of the most promising technologies and finding a niche for their application


Personal intellectual and spiritual development

Developing specific qualities of the human mind and spirit through new technologies

Maintaining the blend of a person’s professional orientation and natural intellectual traits

As part of the Covent Group system, Covent High Tech must comply with unified standards and principles in pursuit of common goals

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